laser cutting machine : How To design for highest quality ?

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Your goal

The objective is to produce and make the best part using the high precision laser cutting machine and materials to their fullest, by using the best settings of the machine..

Minimum feature size

Parts smaller than 0.040” are probably to be pretty fragile. For that you want to manage the minimal measurement measurements on every cloth you are making an attempt to produce .

The laser Cutting Process (top) and the resulting cutting kerf (bottom)  

Minimum part size

Always control the size of the parts being produced , when the parts are smaller than 0.236” it can fall through the laser table and be lost.

Minimum engraving area

Raster vicinity engraving is now not very crisp on textual content and skinny areas much less than 0.040”. This is extra major the smaller the textual content gets. Improve the first-rate of the engraving through combining region and line engraving on your textual content or shapes to make them stand out.

Breathing room

When reduce strains are positioned too shut together, there may additionally be little or no fabric left between them after the laser burns the fabric away, so provide your self at least 0.040” between factors in your design.

Material thickness can vary from material sheet to sheet

Known as ‘thickness tolerance’, The cloth thickness is decided by way of the used material’s viscosity and the carried out experimental dimension stipulations

Kerf in laser cutting machinecan vary from material sheet to sheet

laser cutting machine burns away a element of cloth when it cuts through. This is regarded as the laser kerf and degrees from 0.08mm – 1mm relying on the cloth kind and different conditional factors. Although above c0. 45mm is solely skilled when reducing thicker foams.

you can see in the bottom table some materials and their ker depending on the thickness


In order to make the best shape of part using laser cutting machine you need to take some factors in mind such as the machine best parameter for the specific type and thickness of the sheet metal and the kerf .